Friday, January 16, 2009

Who else? / ABDC3

Today I Learned

I really figured out how to use 'position:absolute;' in CSS. Up until now I had been avoiding the property and finding some other way to position something out of its wrapping element consistently in all browsers.

What I realized is that in addition to having the element you want positioned absolutely (obviously), its wrapping element needs to have the 'position:relative' value as well! Now the coordinates you give your absolutely positioned element will be relative to the relatively positioned element, instead of flying all over the page!!!!!!!!!

Gotta Plug

Who else?


WOW. Way to kick off Season 3. Although I do think that it was lacking an encore performance from the show's winners in previous seasons.

Originally I thought there would be no one to challenge an all-star caliber group like Beat Freaks (although I admit, I had not even seen a performance by them as a group yet). But I really think that Quest Crew will give them a run for their money. Unfair it may seem to allow such accomplished and renowned dancers to enter such a contest... but that's what we're really looking for right? America's BEEEESSSSSSSSST Dance Crew. I think Lil' Mama put it best when she says, "You guys were very characteristic." HAAAH!

Whoever thought clogging would be so cool? Sorry friends, Dynamic Edition gets my vote this week. Seriously.

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