Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Today I Learned

This whole time I had mistaken Don King as the guy who was a victim of police brutality in Los Angeles in 1991.

Gotta Plug

YOUTELLCONCERTS.COM. Waiting in line for The Glitch Mob show, I overhear a few folks looking for tickets, and since I had three tickets that I wanted to get rid of, I thought, what the hell. Yes, $75 down the drain, but I made some new friends in the end. They happened to be members of this concert video review site, containing interviews from people leaving the venue. Um... Lorn, Abby and Bryan, and dude from Houston were there names (I think), and were there to see Sound Tribe Sector 9. While I'm not a humongous fan, it was incredible to see the reaction of the packed crowd... it was really different. Imagine electronic hippie jam music, and 99% of the hundreds of people on "hardcore street drugs."

Remember Lorn, you have to come to SD to review my first performance. Watch the ENTIRE video:


So The Glitch Mob is everything I had imagined, but the experience was not. I got to The Wiltern right when the show started (9pm) and was already dreading the lines outside. Basically, the first 20 mins were spent figuring out which line went to Will Call. Where do you think Will Call would be? The ticket line, yes? If not, the booth adjacent, yes? No. The Will Call booth was inside the venue, past security, no signs. STUPID. So adamant was I to see the Glitch Mob that I stormed my way in past the entire crowd, even past the security blocking the floor area in which you needed an additional wristband to enter.

I only got to see them play two songs. While this trip may have seemed a waste of money to many, I'm glad I made the effort I did to see them and make some new friends along the way.

Time to make some music, and melt some faces.

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