Monday, November 3, 2008

Tsunami / Harold Chigurh

Today I Learned

The general election was arranged to be on a Tuesday because back in the day, it took two days to arrive to the nearest polling place after celebrating the Sabbath.

Gotta Plug

Tsunami. When I was helping my bro move to the bay, we went to Club Something-or-Another, near Whatchamacallit. It was there that I first witnessed and realized the true awesomeness that was house, as it was purveyed by a few folks from this crew called "Flo-ology". Anyway, after obtaining some info from Brian (my brother) and a little diligent MySpace/YouTube rummaging, I stumbled across this video of Tsunami. I've probably told you about this girl a million times, but I just can't get enough of her or this YouTube clip:

Harold Chigurh

I love Halloween. I especially love having costumes that are unique and stand out among the rest. How many Michael Phelps did you see in the sea of costumes? How many Jabbawockeez won America's Best Dance Costume? Did the Sarah Palin's win your vote? I applaud your efforts, but better luck next year. In honor of the greatest villain in cinema history (yes, even greater than the Heath Ledger Joker himself), I present to you:
Harold Chigurh Bardem Cabalic
You either saw the movie and knew who I was, or didn't see the movie and thought I just looked like a butch lesbian. Haha. Vote tomorrow! I'm so excited!

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DJ Timeless said...

House music all night long!!!