Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cash Le Rok / The Joker

Today I Learned

How good it feels to vote.

Gotta Plug

Cash Le Rok. Armando (DJ Timeless) formed this group not too long ago (I think), but in my mind they're paving the way for a new(er) music scene in San Diego. Albeit, San Diego is still quite a conservative community, and its reflected in the kind of music that's spinned at almost all the clubs down here. Maybe if we all just opened our minds a little bit to see the true magic that these guys are making. C'mon. They're like the Barak Obama of SD. This music community needs CHANGE! They're playing tomorrow night at U-31 at 9pm ($5). It would be as if you didn't vote to not see these guys in action:

The Joker

Some of you may have fallen victim to the crazy Santa Ana weather, as your lips begin to blister and chap like never before. I am no exception. This dryness has taken a toll on my lips, particularly the region that connects the upper lip to the lower. Like when I try to eat, the skin splits and puts me in physical pain as I try to enjoy food. When I yawn, GAME OVER. Try holding your mouth shut when you hear something funny. NOT FUN.

I'd been preparing my lips for this important dentist appointment this morning (2 fillings), applying ointment every night to close the wound. Little did I know the physical damage that my lips were to endure in the 1 hr procedure. Stretching, pulling, pinching, rubbing, poking, you name it. My lips were so irritated and numb that I ended up looking like Heath Ledger himself (pre-mordem):

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