Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Glitch Mob 2 / I Heart the Clippers!


You can't just go to any poll location to vote in the general election. You have to go to the designated polling place of your area! Sorry, I'm a first time voter. Click here to find the polling place near you!


Once again, I gotta give it up to The Glitch Mob. They are setting the proverbial hip-hop bar higher and higher with every new track. Pushing the envelope, watching it bend. If you haven't realized how groundbreaking and fearsome this foursome is, here's a catalyst to help speed up the reaction:


After years of being a so-called 'bandwagon' fan of many an NBA basketball team, I feel that it is finally time for me to support, show my love for, and become a dedicated fan of one lucky professional team. Being the underdog lover that I am (Warriors, Pistons, Kings, it changes year to year), combined with a steady (but not growing) dislike of the Los Angeles Lakers, I have decided that it is only appropriate for me to give my fanatic endorsement to THE LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS! Of course, they were the SAN DIEGO Clippers of '78-'84, so it would have been the right thing to do. Go Clippers!

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