Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tine Machine / Things I Am Thankful For

Today I Learned

The price of my MacBook Pro has dropped about $300 since I bought it a few weeks ago. And I can't get a price adjustment. Sometimes I want to punch the UCSD Bookstore in the face.

Gotta Plug

Tine Machine from the Ladies of MAWU. This what-seems-to-be-sub-five-feet-of-funk girl can rock it like no other. Tsunami, eat your heart out. Jk, I still love you. But I think this chick has another weapon in her arsenal: waacking. I guess its like a vogue-ish, strut-your-stuff kinda thing. Could be perceived as too simple or showy or glamorous to some folks out here, but when done with conviction, its very sexy. LOVE IT.

Fun in the cypher: Waacking:
Things I Am Thankful For
  1. My family, who is there whenever I need them, but most importantly, they are there whenever I feel like I don't need them.
  2. My friends, near or far. No matter how much I would just like to be alone sometimes, I don't think I could ever really be happy without the people that I could confide in and share experiences with.
  3. A great 25th birthday celebration.
  4. Tina, for letting me spoon her.
  5. A valiant effort for me to not discover that there may have been some beer pong events at my house. The floor was and is still sticky, and there is some kinda dent in my wall from my studio monitor falling over.
  6. Having a job that I love, and working with people who are not only good, but who still know how to have a little bit of fun every once in a while.
  7. Food

On a side note, I'm considering changing this blog address to, just cause I think The Harold Way is getting lame. OCD.

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