Saturday, November 29, 2008

Single White Lady / Compared To?

Today I Learned

That the talkback mic in my recording studio may be broken. Oh well, I'll probably just yell at you through the double-ply glass.

Gotta Plug

The white girl performing with Beyonce. I think she hits it harder that the other two. Or maybe its just cause you don't really expect her to hang wid dem sistas. Hahaha. How the hell do girls dance in heels?

Compared to?

Speaking of which... what makes someone a good dancer? More than that, what makes someone a good artist? When you're impressed with someone's dance moves, guitar shredding, or mixing skills, it's inevitable for people, particularly artists (including myself) to ask, compared to whom?

Which really sucks, cause in doing so we really downplay the ability of the artist in question. Is that person a really good dancer cause he can be smooth like Shaun Evaristo, hit it hard like KJ Gonzales, or sexy like Harold Cabalic?

"That guy is really good at drums, but I know this dude who can play it better."

It's not fair, it's not fair. But I guess its the nature of this beast that is the entertainment industry. Dancer A will get a million hits on his YouTube post because everyone thinks he's hot shit, but Dancer B will become the object of ridicule cause he can't move as well. Even if a person had extreme passion for a certain craft, we're quick to pull out our scorecards and judge based on his/her technical ability, or lack thereof. "He looks good but his moves are sorta goofy." Compared to what?

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rudolfwithanf said...

when i first saw that performance i thought she was horrible. i cringed and she totally distracted me from the goodness of the song. she seems so stiff? after watching it again.. i still cringe. can't stand her. bring back the tranny.

sam. said...

just dropping by to say i love you :)

DJ Timeless said...