Monday, November 24, 2008

Britney Gale / 25th in Vegas

Today I Learned

That the IHOP chicken fried steak is now twice the size as normal. So like, the size of your face.

Gotta Plug

My girl Britney Gale. We became friends sometime last year when she joined UrbanFX and still stay in touch today even though she has gone on to do much bigger things. Such an amazing dancer she is; it's hard to believe that she's been only doing hip hop for probably about the same time I've known her. But I guess that's how it goes when you put in the hard work, day in and day out. Can you believe, I even took jazz classes from her cause I wanted to get better. This is prob my fav clip of hers, and I was so surprised when I found out it was her choreography. YOU GO BRITNEY.

25th Birthday in Vegas

My motto for the weekend was "Fuck it, let's do it." And I think I just did. Gonna tone it down a bit until New Years because my body is definitely upset with my antics this weekend. Um, for example, by day two I wanted it to be over. Haha. Thanks to the bro and sis, and all my friends for making this truly one of my most memorable birthdays. And thank you for the text messages from the folks that couldn't make it, or the ones that I barely talk to. I would have texted you back but uh, I'm already 88 texts over my limit for the month. Haha. The goal for the weekend was 2500 photos but we never got close, but we finally broke the 1000 picture mark that I've always wanted to surpass. Rather than post all of them on my blog or MySpace, check them out on my Flickr page. Enjoy.

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