Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moldover / Sleepless in San Diego

Today I Learned

For CSS, Internet Explorer does not support the pseudo class 'hover' on list item elements.

Gotta Plug

Moldover and controllerism. I've met many a musical geek in my time, but I've really got to hand it to this guy. Usually the smarty-smarts I've interacted with are either incomprehensible, difficult to work with, or both. Not to say that I could work well with this dude; I wouldn't really know. But for anyone looking to dabble along w/ me and the few others in this world of glitch music / Ableton Live, this is a quintessential video of how to approach the beast that is the Psyphy:

Bought my Korg padKontrol the other day. In the mail: Ableton Live 7. Hopefully this will be the re-emergence of me as a musician/producer.

Sleepless in San Diego

I've been working my ass off at Interactivate and all these freelance projects, losing sleep in the process, and I think it's taking its toll on my body. Better now while I'm young. The only problem, however, is that I'm also in one of the hardest partying modes of my life. I guess it's sort of a good trade off, work hard, party harder. The most important thing to me is that I'm learning new shit everyday and managing to keep my responsibilities straight. It convinces me that I'm doing well and that I can do so much better, because I know far too many people that aren't trying to learn everyday or people who can't get their shit together.

With that said, party on Wayne. I'll sleep in another life.

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