Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tortured Soul /Ableton Live

Today I learned

While Mac sales outpace PC sales at 3.5 times a faster rate, Windows OS still owns about 90% of the world's market share.

Gotta Plug

Tortured Soul. I've missed the last two times these guys came into town, but I wasn't about to miss it this time, not while my love for house music/culture is growing so profusely. Saw these fellas live at ONYX in downtown San Diego on Saturday with Jared, Jimmy O, and Mork & Mindy. Tortured Soul is absolutely out of this wizzorld. I can't even name you a few bands like them; your body actually WANTs to get up and dance as these guys play. Not like with many other bands or artists that I've seen where you gotta move around because you're forced to appear interested, or where you have to do so to stay awake. Haha. Check out these juicy lil snippets:

The drummer is a madman!
New bay area friendos!
Overall, a great night of house culture. I even jumped in the house circle for the first time ever, showed off what I had been practicing week to week. Never knew what took me so long to get into it, but as Mikeytown(ILHM) says: "Better late than never!"

Ableton Live

I've been plugging edIT and The Glitch Mob like crazy ever since I stumbled across their myspace pages earlier in the year. I've had plans to make glitch-hop my new avenue for making music, however I wouldn't have been able to tell you where to even get started! Does the Glitch Mob spend hours meticulously cutting hundreds and thousands of samples just to get a good 3 minute track? NO! All this glitch-hop music magic madness is possible with a itty-bitty-little program called Ableton Live! Ever heard of it? Jared and I received our very own private-4am-in-studio demo from the one and only DJ Timeless (formerly of Kareya):

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