Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Bit / The Great Banana Dilemma

TODAY I LEARNED Congressional Democrats begin talks of a second economic stimulus package. New computer, here I come! GOTTA PLUG Lykke Li. Thanks to So Super Sam for this one. I couldn't really tell you what it is about this video; I just seem to be on the same wavelength as the performers. Don't get me wrong, the tune is lovable and lucid, and Lykke Li's light lyrics lift my life onto a more luminous latitude. In fact, there is an abundance of luminosity in this very clip (Thanks to for this paragraph):
And, as a tribute to Lykke Li and a gift to the new likely converts, I proudly present to you: So Super Sam and myself in our first mini-attempt to re-create the classic:
THE GREAT BANANA DILEMMA Why must we shun our brown bananas? A coworker walked by my cubicle and scowled at the fecal-like object on my desk. A hex upon her! Yes, it was the last of the bunch. Of course it lacked a partner to hold fast onto the stainless steel banana hook. We should be ashamed of ourselves to chastise the banana in such dismal times. Especially when our economy is plummeting. Little did she know, that this rotting shell only holds within a beautiful butterfly waiting to spread its banana peel wings! Behold, the pillar of fruity goodness! Unscaith'd, this banana is much sweeter and easier on the bite than its yellow brethren. Let this be a lesson to all you non-believers.

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