Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Glitch Mob / Zombie Talk

Today I learned: Calcium impedes the digestive process. Because Dr. Drew said so.
* * *
First of all, I want to take this time to plug the musical geniuses known as The Glitch Mob. I don't even know how to explain it. It's like hip-hop of the future. Here is a dope remix of Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" by BORETA and EPROM. Check out edIT of The Glitch Mob, my personal fav of the group:
I may be forced to move to SF to be around more music like that. Goddammit TK, I know you'll read this at some point and you better book them soon. Ha!
* * *
There's some kind of sickness going around. I think I've heard the phrase "I'm not feeling well," "I think I'm getting sick," and other related phrases about 19,845 times today. That beat last years' record of 17,429. Is it possible that we're all turning into zombies? Will I wake up tomorrow and zombies will be roaming the streets, looting and pillaging to quench their thirst for our juicy medulla oblongatas? Or is it medulla oblongati? Hmm. What store would be first on my list to fully prepare myself for a zombie attack? Many come to mind, and of course my first inclination would be to raid the BIG 5 less than half a mile down the street. Maybe I'm just delusional because I've been losing sleep this past couple weeks. I'm getting headaches and like my fellow peers it seems that I'm catching some of that something that's been spreading around. Time to re-energize. H

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