Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chickamakaleyley, I say!

Today I learned: The phrase "The Cat's Pajamas": a phrase used to describe something as beneficial. "Hey John, you should really use an external stylesheet on your website. Keeping all your code hidden from the public would be the cat's pajamas." Such an eventful weekend it was. Well... actually. Friday was not that eventful. Although it was Bernadette's birthday, much to her (and my) dismay, Prospect Bar was deserted! You could find more people on the set of Castaway! Still, the night was not without its memorable moments:
It was Ren Boy's 21st Birthday as well. Welcome to the club! Mark caught on fire. Upon realizing this, he quickly doused himself in Dasani.
Spent all of Saturday at Raelynn's house, for the first annual WBZ Beer Olympics. There were only two events really, Flip Cup (personal fav) and Beer Pong (pet peeve). While I had no plans to play due to the lack of a partner, TK Nguyen and Kimtan Bui chose to endorse me and Chris Ocampo to form the communist powerhouse that is Team Vietnam:
V-neck stands for Vietnamese-neck
See more pics at my flickr page.
Lastly, on Sunday I went to my second Chargers game ever with best friend Mark Sherwin Edra. Versus the New England Patriots. They are such Massholes. We won!
That's the biggest Boss that I've seen thus far. 1+ headband every time the Chargers scored

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