Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful One Man Show / So Super Weekend

Jesus Christ, I have so much hair now. TODAY I LEARNED A smoking-jacket was a garment worn predominantly during the Victorian times. It prevented the wearer from transporting the pungent smell of tobacco on his everyday clothes, when it was popular belief that these fumes would harm the delicate noses of women. GOTTA PLUG Free the Soul Shifter. Thanks to Tina's Butt for showing me this. It's another inspiring house-dancing bit that is both well put together and accompanied by an appropriate musical track. Makes me wanna go out on the streets of downtown San Diego and do a little ditty. More so, it makes me want to move to a place like San Francisco.
IN YOUR HEAD! IN YOUR HEAD! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! Got to hang out with the friendos Friday night at the Highlands in LA. It's always fun times when I get to visit Zam in LA. I get to eat some good, classic LA food (minus Souplantation), party in places where I've never partied, and forget about work for a few days or so. And eat peoples brains.
Brains! Brains!! More brains!!! TKoftheDrunkBoyz
And last but not least, a truly, dear friend of mine. It's the couch where I lay to sleep every time I visit Zam! Surprisingly, I hate leather couches and I'm absolutely too tall to even fit on this thing. Yet I'm somehow drawn in by it's... couch-osity.
More pics of Highlands on my Flickr page.
Bless you all and make sure to register to vote or I will come for your brains.

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