Thursday, October 9, 2008


Look at my hair. So dry. Vons has a buy-one-get-one-free special on a carton of 18 large eggs. That's 36 large eggs for the price of 18. What household finishes 36 eggs before its best-if-used-by date? I have what some may call a mild case of OCD. Examples: Okay. Locked, locked, and... locked. Fuck, I hope my car door is locked? I hope I didn't leave the stove on this morning. Shit. I didn't even use it. Better go back home and check. Damn. I love cleaning. Maybe it's what makes me good at my job. Or at least I think I am. Or maybe I just don't want to suck. I work pretty damn hard that's for sure. People say that I'm indecisive. Or that I think too much. Or that I over-analyze. One of those. My friends keep me sane. Zo Zuper Fershaks Raelynn They've helped me understand that it's OK to be goofy; it's OK to act how I want to act. I can do things MY way.