Monday, February 9, 2009

Psyphy Machine / The Name Game

Today I Learned

SELECT elements in IE6 do not support the z-index property. Fuck IE.

Gotta Plug

Psyphy Machine is my #1 internet radio source for electronic music these days; well actually, for music in general. Just open up iTunes, and click on Radio > Electronic > Psyphy Machine. It has turned me on to more artists like Lazer Sword and The Glitch Mob, and many more artists who aren't.

The Name Game

I always have trouble describing this new music that I've come to love to other people. I often find myself saying, "it's what hip hop sounds like in the future." Artist genres on MySpace like "GhettoTech, Strip-Hop, Psyphy, Crunkstep, IDM, and Muffincore" fail to really indicate what you might expect to hear, and usually the genre listing isn't very consistent from artist to artist. Although 'Psyphy' seems like the most accurate term, I feel as if it is too localized. I guess that's the magic of this new sound; its so fresh and new that there really hasn't been a word formed for it.

Who knows how words are formed? - Michael Scott

Fortunately, I stumbled across this mini-documentary by Mary Anne Hobbs, who is apparently the queen of Dubstep in the UK. (I happened to catch her spinning at Low End Theory and has thus converted me into a Dubstep fan). In it, the camera man uses the phrase, the "West Coast Rocks" sound... which i thought had a nice ring to it. Localized, yes, but it seems to encompass the entire region in which this music is growing. Let's just hope soon that the West Coast Rocks sound will loosen its belt and sag a bit, so that it also includes San Diego.

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