Friday, February 27, 2009

Lunice / Peeing on the Mainstream

Today I Learned

You gotta score the chicken before throwin' it on the grill... or else it won't cook through.

Gotta Plug

Lunice. Kinda weird how a few neon colors and those Macho Man / Kanye West shades make a person look more like a robot, yet you've never seen an actual robot wear them? Do robots even have eyes?

Little did you know, this poppin' Canuck also busts some ill shit on the keyboards. Extra points for all the junk in the background:

Peeing on the Mainstream

For me, it's hard to discover the proverbial needle in the haystack when looking for new, unique music to add to my arsenal, particularly when its from a major artist. When I hear something that I dig from a major artist, I inevitably think, "Okay, so how long do I have before I get sick of this song?"

Because you know its eventually gonna get radio play. And you know that its gonna get played at the club, then OVER played, then played some more. Then your girlfriend will make a ringtone, have it on her Myspace profile, and will choreograph to it so her team can learn the dance, download the song, make it their ringtones, tell their significant others...

Thank God for the remix.

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